Philosophy Posts and Relevant Links


What is Philosophy For (5 min video) - School of Life

The Virtuous Life

Plato (5 min video) - School of Life
Aristotle (7.5 min video) - School of Life

Stoics (5 min video) - School of Life
A Stoic Resurgence (Stoicism) - Snyder
On Stoic Environmentalism (Epictetus) - Snyder

Can We be Rich and Ethical? (Epicurus, Thoreau) - Snyder
On Fear (Montaigne, Epicurus) - Snyder
On Addictive Pleasure and the Fear of Death (Epicurus) - Snyder
Epicurus (5.5 min video) - School of Life

Doing What We Do in an Honourable Way (Taoism) - Snyder
A Crisis of Environmental Faith (Taoism) - Snyder
The Tao of Environmentalism (Tao, Plato) - Snyder

On the Titanic and Tolstoy (Tolstoy, Existentialism) - Snyder
On an Impressive Stupidity (Sartre, Existentialism) - Snyder

On Kindness  (Hume) - Snyder
Moving Beyond the Rational (Hume, and religion debate) - Snyder

On Pleasure and Pain (Freud) - Snyder
On How to Be Happy (Freud) - Snyder

Nietzsche (7 min video) - School of Life
Heidegger (5.5 min video) - School of Life

On Judging Evilness in Others (Montaigne, Tolstoy) - Snyder
On Virtue and Intention (Montaigne) - Snyder
On Mindfulness (Hanh, Tolstoy, Montaigne) - Snyder

Why Environmentalism Needs to be Legislated (Plato, Epicurus, Taoism, Mill, Nietzsche)- Snyder
On Environmental Intensions (Hedonism, Mill, Nietzsche, Taoism) - Snyder
On Luxuries and Necessities (Seneca) - Snyder

On God, Our Invisible Parents (Freud) - Snyder
Is Religion a Force for Good in the World (106 min video) - Hitchens vs Blair
The Meaning of Life (12 min video) - Minchin
The Death Problem (5 min video) - Silva

The Virtuous State

Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century - Snyder
On Chomsky - Snyder
On a Four-Hour Workday (Russell, Marx) - Snyder
On John Stuart Mill, Free Speech, and Climate Change (Mill) - Snyder
On Monbiot's Manifesto (Thoreau) - Snyder

Love, Sex, and Friendship

On Work and Love (Freud) - Snyder
On Finding Meaning Through Love  - Snyder
On Our Continued Sexual Repression (Freud, Montaigne) - Snyder
On Sexual Perversions (Freud) - Snyder
On Excuses for Not Having Sex - Snyder
Of Friendship  (Seneca, Montaigne, Aristotle) - Snyder
Nietzsche on Love - Verkerk

Philosophy in Pop Culture

Essential Movies for a Student of Philosophy - Whitlock

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