HSB Unit 4: Forces of Change

CULTURAL FORCES OF CHANGE: Media, Theories of Persuasion, Social Conformity, Cultural Conditioning


Media Filters: Advertising, News, and Political/Corporate Agendas
Cambridge Analytica (Guardian article)
Chomsky's 5 media filters (Alternet article and 5 min cartoon)
How technology disrupted the truth (Guardian article)
Corporate control over education (Alternet article)
Media as a de-skilled industry (Monbiot article)
The Brainwashing of My Dad (YouTube video about the change in media)
The Pulitzer Prize (Politico Magazine article)
Media misleading on Syria and ISIS (Boston Globe article)
Media misleading the US before Trump was elected (NYT article)
Pink campaigns supporting breast cancer but causing cancer (Grist article)
On Chomsky's Understanding Power  (Snyder book summary)
Hedges: Empire of Illusion - why we live in denial (Snyder book summary)
Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land (full 80 min. film)
Famous Jews against the occupation (Stop the War article)
Israel confiscating 1,250 acres of Palestinian land (Ma'an News Agency article)
Deir Yassin Massacre (The Electronic Intifada article)
Conflict in Israel and Palestine (Crash Course, 13 min video)
Getting Israelis and Palestinians to eat together (article)
History of Palestine/Israeli conflict (Films for Action, 11 min video)
Israeli withdrawal from Gaza (Washington Post article)
Home demolitions in East Jerusalem 2016 (Aljazeera interactive)
Ten years after withdrawal from Gaza (Vice article)
Recent violence against Palestinians (Cook blog)
Israel's new Palestinian land-grab law (Haaretz article - Jan 2017)
Pizza Hut makes fun of hunger strike (Aljazeera - May 2017)
Trudeau is pro-Zionism (Canada Talks - May 2017)
Roger Waters supports BDS (Huffpost)
BDS explained (Stop War Coalition)
Abby Martin on the history of Zionism (22 min video)
Birds not Bombs (MEMO - 3 min video)
Life before Zionism (972 article)
What the wall is really doing (Aljazeera 3 min video) 
Chomsky on why the US supports Israel (5 min video)
Stories from Israeli Soldiers (book review)
BDS - Palestinian Potterhead (Mondoweiss article) and Rowling's reply
Israel-Palestine - why no solution (Guardian article)
Global coverage of news (TEDTalk, 5 min. video)
When corporations affect curriculum (Mother Jones article)
Only six companies control 90% of media (Business Insider article)
Torture in Iraq and Afghanistan (International Business Times article)
Guantanamo Bay closing (LWT 3 min video)
Why Obama couldn't close Guantanamo (LWT 20 min video)
Leaks: Mossack Fonseca and the Panama Papers (10 min video)
Native Ads (ads that pretend to be news) (Contently post)
Everyone things they're the good guy (Al Jazeera 3 min video)

Edward Bernays' Propaganda (8 min video)
Backfire effect (Oatmeal)
Marketing environmental change like a business major (Grist article)
Study on energy decrease (Snyder blogpost)
On Monbiot and persuasion studies (Snyder blogpost)
On leadership and hope  (Snyder blogpost)
Polarizing influence of science on beliefs (Guardian article)
The Righteous Mind (New York Times article)
Market testing climate change words (Grist article)
Our attitudes follow our actions (Brain Pickings article)
Getting people to care about climate change (Climate Progress article)
Writing good copy (Kissometric article)
Astroturfing - fake comments/audiences (Atlantic article)
Psychological Distancing to keep people unconcerned (Guardian article)

Culture Jamming
Ads (OMG Facts)
Subversive Ads (Films for Action)
Brandalism at the Paris Environment Talks (Films for Action)
Honest Coke Ad (You Tube)
Saint Hoax (AJ)
Jenner Pepsi ad and parodies (CBC)

Social Conformity:  In-Groups, Groupthink, Authority Influence
In-groups, out-groups, and the brain (New York Times article)
In-group benefits on Wall Street (NYT article)
Kitty Genovese story (New Yorker article)
Why the US went into Iraq (Daily Show 8 min. video)
Selling the war (Films for Action 4 min video)
Milgram and torture (Aeon article)
Milgram and the Banality of Evil (Zimbardo & Ruch article)
Immunization against helplessness (Zimbardo & Ruch article)
We tend to like what others like (Mlodinow article)
Crowds make us cranky (Yahoo Finance article)

Cultural Conditioning: Religion and Ritual
Usefulness rituals around the world (deBotton 13 min. video) 
The commencement address as a secular ritual (Brain Pickings article)
Cultural appropriation: headdress (Apihtawikosisan article)
Cultural appropriation vs appreciation (Mic article)
Cultural appropriation is ridiculous (the1janitor 4 min video)
Pro-cultural appropriation (NYT article)
Importance of elders - in elephants (NPR article)
The death of adulthood (NYT article)
The Grown-Up Extinction (Onion article)
Coersive Persuasion (Blank on Blank 6 min video)
We can all be manipulated (29 min video)
Solitary confinement (Frontline)

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