HSB Unit 2: Why We Hate

Why We Hate: Deviance, Demographics, and Discrimination 



Glossary of extremist language (NYTimes)
Baldwin's "A Talk to Teachers" (essay)
Tribalism and Political Leaning (NYTimes)
Neo-nazi and white-supremist symbols (NYTimes)
Redskin origins (Esquire)
First Nation reaction to redskin name change (HuffPost)
On first changing yourself (ending contempt) (2 min video)
Richard Pryor on racism and capitalism (2 min video)
"Syllabus for White People" (list of links)
Fighting White Supremacy (The Establishment)
How Hitler used prejudice to his advantage (4 min video)
From slavery to prison industrial complex (20 min video - but excellent!)
Baldwin and Buckley debate on race, 1965 (60 min video)
Canadian prisons are the new residential schools (Macleans article)
Racism and power (2 min Richard Pryor video)
White-Skin Priviledge (Viewpoint Magazine article)
White privilege race (2 min video)
Origin of 'White Trash' (Tyee video and article)
On the use of words by race (Ice Cube on Bill Maher video)
Educational TV leads to relational aggression (research study)
Monkeys on a ladder experiment - cultural conditioning (2 min video)
DNA shows world connection (5 min video)
Elites use racism to pit lower class against each other (3 min video)
On Lowered Resilience (Psychology Today article)
Implicit Prejudice (Crash Course, 9 min. video)
White Privilege: video game analogy (Whatever blog post)
White Privilege: Academy Awards (Ill Doctrine, 5 min. video)
White Privilege Glasses (Chicago Theology Centre, 2 min video)
White People Playing Other Races (LWT 5 min video)
Formation doesn't include me (Medium article on being an ally)
Having privilege even when poor (OWS article)
Is it male privilege to avoid emotional labour? (The MetaFilter Thread)
Play with Gender-Switched Children (3 min. video)
Lupita Nyong'o Speech on Black Beauty (Essence 5 min. video)
Race is a social construct (Guardian article)
White supremacy led to Rachel Dolezal (The Stranger article)
Is race fluid? On changing race (Medical Press article)
Everyday racism (Too Close to Home blogpost)
Stop and search - profiling (Equally Ours, 3 min. video)
MLK ending racial terrorism (Daily Kos article)
Iconic LGBT moments of 2013 (Identities.Mic list)
Sex Discrimination at U of Ottawa (Albatross article)
What Do Women Want (Snyder blogpost)
York University: Does religion trump sex?  (Snyder blogpost)
Why we know more about men (Salon article)
On sexual assault trials (Toronto Star article)
LGBTQ flag waving  (Snyder blogpost)
LGBTQ British history (Inner Temple Library timeline)
LGBTQ murder rate (Pink News article)
Gender identity is mainly genetic (Big Think book review)
ISIS connection to Qur'an (Atlantic) and the opposing argument (ThinkProgress)
Why we're less prejudiced than we used to be (Alternet article)
On women doing more housework (cartoon) 
Pay Inequity (Last Week Tonight, 7 min. video)
Gender Pay Gap (John Green, 6 min. video)
Why affirmative action isn't the solution (Jordan Peterson, 13 min. video)
Racism Stats (John Green, 4 min. video)
On Amy Schumer and Racism (Ill Doctrine, 5 min. video)
Dressing up for Hallowe'en (Bitch article and video)
Online bullying and humour (Guardian article)
James Baldwin and Margaret Mead on race (Brain Pickings debate)
Segregated Schools (LWT 18 min)

Hate Crimes and Genocides:

How our brain allows for stupid politics (Alternet video/article)
Mississauga man accused of hate crimes (The Globe and Mail)
Changes to the Human Rights Act, repeal of section 13 (The Star article)
Suspending hate speech (Talking Philosophy article)
Chomsky on Slavery (Democracy Now, 52 min. video)
American led genocides (RT article)
Congolese genocide (Films for Action article)
Dudley George update (LFPress article)
Ipperwash to return land (National Post)
East Timor genocide cover up (Truthout article)
Turks denying Amenian genocide (RT article)
The Act of Killing - movie about Indonesian genocide

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