HSB Unit 3: Global Challenges: Exploitation, Economics, and Environment

Economics, Multi-Nationals, Environment, Exploitation


Useful websites for digging in corporate dirt - add to the list!
Corporate corruption - J&J, Apple, SNC, VW.... (Star article)

Economics is not a Science (article)
The Davos Class (infographic)
Neo-Liberalism (Monbiot article)
Monbiot on Neo-Liberalism (2 min)
Resisting Neo-Libs (Klein 8 min.)
Problems with Growth (Maher 5 min.)
Friedman's Neo-Liberalism (cartoon)
9 Types of Economic Theories (RSA Animate, 12 min video, and chart)
History of Neo-Liberalism (Guardian)
Wealth Inequality (Vox infographic)
Global Wealth Inequality (4 min video)
The Failure of Quantitative Easing (6 m.)
Chomsky on Bretton Woods  (interview)
Why business should optimize value over profit (2 min cartoon)
Slee:  No One Makes You Shop at Wal-Mart (Snyder book summary)
A bit about that prisoner's dilemma (Snyder blogpost)
How money works (Eisenstein, 12 min.)
IMF and Greece (Monbiot article)
IMF and Greece (Films for Action article)
IMF and Jamaica (137 min. video)
IMF's steps to damnation (Guardian)
Free Trade and TPP & TTIP (cartoon)
Elizabeth Warren explains the TPP (5 m.)
Obama to enforce ban against slavery-produced products (rsn article)
Phones made via slavery (LR article)
World Bank Issues (Huffington Post)
War on the poor  (Reich, 2 min. video)
The Wealth Gap (LWT, 14 min. video)
How equal do we want the world to be(Dan Ariely TEDTalk, 8 min video)
Canadian Wealth Gap (2012) (The Star)
Studies on Guaranteed Basic Income(Films for Action, 7 min video)
Opinion on Basic Income (Canadian Dimension article)
Dumbed-Down America (Guardian)
Our buggy moral code (Ariely, 16 min)
Ethos - Corporate Control of Media(Snyder summary and 68 min. video)
Inside Job - mortgage crises and bank bailout (Snyder film summary)
Inequality for All (Snyder film summary and 90 min. video)
Nick Hanauer (pillow guy 20 min video)
Free economies (Snyder blogpost)
Occupy Wall Street - why it didn't stick(Snyder blogpost)
Junk Economics - history/philosophy of the system (Part 2 here)
Canada's Labour History (Dimension)

War: Political Corruption
US/CIA backed coups and genocides (We- 64 min. video)
How Iraq invasion connects to ISIS(Chomsky - 6 min video)
Klein: Shock Doctrine (Free Market Experiment) (Snyder book summary)
Similarities between Vietnam and Iraq (Stop the War article)
Drone Operators (video and article)
Interview with a CIA whistleblower(Truthdig podcast/article)
Initiatives to help refugees (NI article)

Multi-Nationals: Corporate Corruption
Slavery Footprint (test)
Pollution (Adam Ruins Everything)
Obsequiousness of Corporations(Upworthy cartoon)
Pharmaceuticals - Depressants (Onion - SATIRE - 2 min. video)
Big Pharma and ADHD (NYTimes)
Drug Trial Manipulation in Mental Illness (IAI 30 min. video)
Privatization, patents, and pharmaceuticals (Alternet article)
Mental diagnoses are controlled by pharmaceuticals (IAI debate)
Approved drugs that were fatal (Alternetarticle)
Nature as a drug (Satire 2 min video)
Cashing in on mental illness (New York Times article)
Patents - Ownership of Ideas (Hank Green - 4 min. video)
Patents (LWT 11 min. video)
The Importance of Supply Chain Management (LWT 17 min. video)
Laird: Price of a Bargain - workers in China (Snyder book summary)
Nestle, aggregates and groundwater(Snyder blogpost)
Canadian policy on corruption (Globe & Mail article, Jan /15)
Cotton subsidies (John Green, 4 min. video)
Concerns with Apple (Trews, 8 min. video)
Blackwater employees charged with murder (Washington Post article)
Monsanto hires out Blackwater for intel(Red, Green, and Blue article)

Environmental Issues: Water, Plastic, Toxins, Food, Climate Change, Travel
Ocean pollution (Herald article)
Barlow: For the Love of Water (Snyder film summary)
George: The Big Necessity - On Toilets(Snyder book summary)
Water on the Table (Snyder film summary)
Tar Sands Effect on Water (Films for Action 3 min video)
Tapped (75 min doc on bottled water)
The Leap Manifesto (Avi Lewis on The Agenda - 10 min video)

The Truth about Biodegradable Plastic (SciShow 5 min. video)
Jeff Bridges on Plastic (Facebook 4 min video)

Deaths at GE Peterborough (Star article)
Epigenetic studies on toxins' effects on DNA (Aeon article)
Link between fossil fuels and endocrine disruption (DeSmogBlog article)
Study on carcinogens (Report)
Davis: Secret History of the War on Cancer (Snyder book summary)
Everything does NOT cause cancer(Snyder blogpost)
Teflon: You're Soaking in It  (Snyder book summary)
Phthalates:  It's not just a fragrance; it's a birth control! (Snyder book summary)
Flame Retardants: The danger of dust bunnies  (Snyder book summary)
Mercury: Poison poisson  (Snyder book summary)
Triclosan: An ounce of prevention?(Snyder book summary)
Pesticides: Another reason to avoid golfing (Snyder book summary)
Pesticides on strawberries (4 min video)
Herbicides affecting deer population in NB (National Observer article)
Silent Spring Backlash (Snyder blogpost)
Bisphenol A: Score one for the babies(Snyder book summary)
Davis: Disconnect - wireless concerns(Snyder book summary)
Asbestos and Mesothelioma  (Snyder blogpost)
BHT - Butylated Hydroxyltoluene(Alternet article)
Hand Sanitizer:  Triclosan and BPA(Films for Action 2 min video)
Triclosan's effect on gut bacteria (Science Alert article)
BPA in utero connected to obesity(Mother Jones article)
Cell phone radiation and cancer (RTarticle)
How to avoid toxins (EWG chart)
Lead poisoning (LWT 18 min video)

Hedges on meat production and climate change connection (Truthdig article)
Reducing climate change best (chart)
GMO Debate (Grist article and 103 min. video)
GMOs aren't one thing (Grist article)
Concerns with anti-GMO "facts" (Genetic Literacy Project article)
Food Inc. (Snyder film summary)
Animal population problem (Guardianarticle - Monbiot)
Fixing food (Grist article)
Factory Farm pollutes waterways(Truthout article)
Farming effect on marine life (Films for Action 14 min video - but it's really good)
Factory farm video (Films for Action 7 min video - WARNING - it's yucky)
What if everyone went vegetarian (IFL Science article)
Food waste: "Just Eat It" (Knowledge 73 min movie)

Climate Change:
IPCC booklet on slowing climate change.
Neil deGrasse Tyson (4 min video)
Bill Nye on individual action.
Handy cartoon on recent warming in the world (xkcd cartoon at your right)
The debate on climate change (Last Week Tonight, 4 min video)
What's Your Limit (AJ+, 4 min video)
Monbiot: Heat (Snyder book summary)
We ignore problems because we're too comfortable (Monbiot article)
An Unprecedented Emergency (Snyder blogpost)
Your brain on climate change - avoidance over action (Guardian article)
On necessities and luxuries:  air-conditioning (Snyder blogpost)
Disruption film and summary (Snyder summary and 52 min. video)
The Great Squeeze trailer (3 min. video)
Diamond: Collapse  (Snyder book summary)
Kolbert:  The Sixth Extinction (Snyder book summary)
On Nuclear Power (Snyder blogpost)
Why we don't care (Films for Action article)
Impact of Climate Change (NYTimes article)
It's worse than we thought (Grist article)
Yup, it's really bad (IFL Science article)
How to Let Go of the World (30 min interview - Chris Hedges and Josh Fox)

Car Culture: The End of Suburbia(Snyder film summary)

Exploitation - Labour Issues:
Christmas decorations made in China(Guardian article)
Holiday guide to avoiding slave labour(Alternet article)
Chiquita slaughter of banana workers (BananaLand 3 min. video)
Sex trafficking in Ontario (TVO 21 min. video)
T-shirt idea (StoryFox 2 min video)
Nestle child labour (Guardian article)
The real cost of jeans (Refinery 29article)

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