HSB Unit 1: Social Science Theories and Methodology

Social Science Theories and Methodologies
- physical anth, cultural anth, psychoanalysis, behaviourism, CBT, endocrinology, conflict theory, functionalism



Short videos on social sciences (Hay Levels)
Top 100 Documentaries (Films for Action)
Psychology Myths You Learned from Movies (Cracked 30 min panel)

Laptop use impairs learning (York University article)
Bonus rationale - the Ulysses Strategy (New Yorker article)
Benefits of Nature (Snyder book summary)
Backfire Effect (Oatmeal)
Cellphones linked to mental illness (The Atlantic article)

The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains (summary) - Snyder

Social Science Methodology

Silent Spring Backlash  - Snyder
Why you should always check the original study (Salon article)
Spurious Correlations (cartoons)
Seven Deadly Sins of Stats (The Conversation list)
On Flossing: Research, Evidence, and Expertise (NYT article)
Cognitive Biases (io9 article)
More Cognitive Biases (IFL Science visual)
Flaws in Methodology - review of Dan Pink (Stager To Go article)
How to Read Science News (Explore 7 min. video)
Common flaws in dating studies (Guardian article)
Normal Curve Understanding in Psychology Myths (Ted Talk 15 min. video)
Importance of reading studies carefully (Globe & Mail article)
Problem with single case discoveries (Upworthy infographic)
Cereal study reporting (Last Week Tonight 2 min video)
Bacon vs Lettuce - bad science reporting (Modern Farmer article)
Demographics and happiness (Brightside article/cartoon)
Most Social Science Studies aren't Verifiable (NY Daily News article)
Problems with grit (Psych(ed) post)
Identifying Pseudoscience (Big Think article)
People are like molecules (Mlodinow article)
Problem with Scientific Studies (LWT 18 min video)
Limits to Practice - 10,000 Theory Debunked (NYT article)
On Cognitive Biases (Daily Nous article)
Nature vs Nature - twins separated at birth (NYT article)

Experiment Topics

Eurekalert ideas (database of current research)
Science Daily (database of current research in all science fields)
Academia.edu (database of academic papers)
BJPsych.org (database of academic papers)
Predictors of an ending relationship (IFL Science)
Cat people (Guardian article)
Money differences (Why Don't You Try This article)
Effect of intelligence on musical taste (Digital Inspiration graph)
Link between happiness and gratitude (SoulPancake 7 min. video)
Effect of fame on people (EliteDaily 4 min. video)
Effect of video games on violence in teens (journal article)
Effect of losing video games on harassing language (Washington Post article)
On age, happiness, and music (5 min. video)
Link between religiousness and generosity (Guardian article)
Effect of genes on school marks. (Science Mag article)
Correlation between personality type and musical taste (IFL Science article)
Correlation between beards and sexist attitudes (IFL Science article)
Bias in media experiment (Nieman Lab article)
Try to make two people fall in love (New York Times article)
Economic beliefs and climate change (PsyPost experiment)
Sexually abusive behaviours in athletes vs non-athletes (RT article)
How clothes affects achievement (NYT article)
Training tweens to desire fame. (Cyberpsychology experiment)
Studies on happiness (IFL Science article)
Effect of reading literature on social skills (NYT article)
More time on social media correlated to less happiness (study)
Men think attractive women are more into them than they are (Ozy article)
Biases are stronger than facts (Science Alert)


Importance of anthropology (Films for Action article)
A bit about evolution (SciShow 3 min video)
Drug use in ancient societies (SciShow 3 min video)
Drug addiction in other animals  (Alternet article)
Drug use in animals  (Boing Boing article)
Compassion as an Instinct (Berkeley University article)
Helpfulness as an instinct (2 min video) that's later unlearned (Snyder blogpost)
Cultural effects on body image (NYT 5 min. video)
How posture affects behaviour (TedTalk 20 min. video)
Effect of posture on mental health (New York Times article)
Culture of Entitlement (Steve Cutts 3 min. cartoon)
Evolution of laughter (Science Alert article) 
It's hard to stand with the victim (Mlodinow article - power of alpha)
Necessity of the illusion of control (Mlodinow article)
Smarter people are happier with fewer friends (Counter Current article)
Culture of loneliness (Monbiot article)
Culture of positivity (3 Quarks Daily article)
Anthropology of love (Big Think article)
Facebook makes us more polarized (NYT article)
Cultural differences in death rates (World Health Rankings)
Weird cultural trend - pubic hair (NYT article)
Cultural development (3 min. video Denmark- All We Share)
How language affects culture (Star article)
Suggestion or instinct - sexual assault and memory (Atlantic)
Demographics (chart)

Tribalism and Political Leaning (NYTimes)

Psychology: Psychoanalysis, Behaviour Modification, CBT, Endocrinology

Why it's still important to know Freud (Dead Philosophers cartoon commentary)
Freud was right about ego depletion (journal article)
Melanie Klein: Psychoanalysis of Children (School of Life 6 min. video)
John Bowlby: Why we have difficult relationships (School of Life 6 min. video)
Freud's niece's book about a dream (Brain Pickings article)
Freud's letters to Einstein (pdf)
Test - Jungian typology (Similar Minds test)
How Jungian types deal with stress (Psychology Junkie article)
Typology by book authors (Book Riot article)
The Big Five (CANOE/OCEAN) (test and discussion)
Gender and CANOE (Peterson 13 min video) 
Your type and book choices (Book Riot)
Stephen Colbert did the Myers-Briggs test
Beyond Psychotherapy (IAI video 33 min.)
DSM and Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder (io9 article)
Recognizing Toxic Relationships (Thought Catalog list)
Peterson on the Big Five in Cambridge Analytica (5 min lecture)

Behaviour Modification:
How to Praise Better (New Yorker article)
Behaviourism: Pavlov, Watson & Skinner (Crash Course, 11 min. video)
The House that Pavlov Built (Zimbardo & Ruch article)
Past learning effect on future ability (Zimbardo & Ruch article)
Using behaviour modification on a cat (1 min video)

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy:
Self-compassion exercise (4 min cartoon)
Negative Thinking Traps (Ill Doctrine 3 min. video)
Discounting Positives (Onion article)
Compassional Mindful Meditation (16 min. Ted Talk)
How to Meditate (2 min cartoon)
Why People Act in Irrational Ways - mindfulness (Alternet article)
Mindfulness (New Yorker article)
Dangers of Mindful Meditation (AlterNet article)
On CBT, Mental Health, and the new Fragility of Students (The Atlantic article)
CBT actually changes the brain (Science Daily article)
CBT-like development of resilience (New Yorker article)
CBT - on stopping negative self-talk (BrainPickings article)
Defeating Negative Thinking Traps (Films for Action cartoon)
BrenĂ© Brown on changing negative self-talk (Films for Action article)
Dialetical Behavioural Therapy (DBT) is an offshoot of CBT

Depression, Anxiety, and Addiction:
Medicating anxiety prevents growth (2 min video)
Political change creates anxiety (NYTimes article)
Treating anxiety (5 min Peterson video)
Creating grit in children (Atlantic article)
Depression - black dog analogy (WHO 4 min. video)
Stephen Fry on manic depression (interview 6 min. video)
Cartoons on depression (Buzzfeed list)
First-person cartoon on depression (Hyperbole and a Half cartoon)
Exercise is the drug needed to cure depression (15 min TED Talk)
Depression as a power issue (The Occupied Times article)
Prospective psych - depression is due to a false idea of the future (New York Times)
Beck Anxiety Inventory (indicator test)
Surviving Anxiety (Atlantic article)
Social Anxiety vs Shyness (Stuff 7 min. video)
Addiction to pornography (Guardian article)
Demise of guys (Zimbardo 5 min video)
Great porn experiment (16 min TEDTalk)
Addiction as culturally created - Carl Hart (Democracy Now 47 min. video) 
Addiction to junk food (CBC article)
Addiction to sugar (IFL Science! article)
Sugar withdrawal in your brain  (Alternet article)
Problems with AA (Alternet article)
Addiction Causes (In a nutshell, 5 min video)
Depression as a prolonged stress response (Films for Action article)
Addiction to Video Games (Toronto Star article)

Behavioural Endocrinology:
Dopamine vs Testosterone (3 min Discovery video)
PTSD - The Bear's Embrace (excerpt)
OCD first-person experience (Button Poetry 3 min. video)
OCD - David Sedaris (excerpt)
Alternative gene splicing and autism (Globe & Mail article)
Autism and Neurotribes (NYTimes review)
Study on narcissism (National Academy of Science article)
Narcissism (5 min cartoon)
Computer - sleep - depression connections (NYT article)
Brain scans and psychopaths (4 min. video)
Understanding Gender  (Hank Green, 4 min. video)
Regretting Transitioning (Guardian article)
Medicating Women's Feelings (NYT article)
How your brain affects happiness (Time article)
A gene for happiness (IFL Science article)
The science of craving (The Economist article)
Oxytocin makes people find others partners more attractive (IFL Science)
Mirror Neurons (RSA Animate 10 min. video)
Male and Female Brain Differences (CBC article)
Exercise stabilizes mood (IFL Science article)
James - Our body tells us our emotions (Zimbardo & Ruch article)
Emotional intelligence needs a re-write (Nautilus)
The changing names of PTSD (George Carlin skit - some profanity)
Effect of deliberate practice on the brain (Quartz article on K. Anders Ericsson)
Biology and transgender (Huffington Post article)
APA guidelines for transgender and gender noncomformity
Stress in mice causes social anxiety (Science Daily)
A bit about IQ (Learning Spy article)
IQ inherited from mothers (New York Times)
On IQ and intelligence (paper)
Defining and measuring intelligence (textbook)
Finding genes tied to intelligence (New York Times)
The g-factor of intelligence (Scientific American)
Wonderlic G-Factor (test)
Neuroscience of intelligence (90 min video)
Epigenetic Inheritance:
Biological explanation (Genetic Science Learning Center article)
Grandma's Experiences Leave a Mark on Your Genes (Discovery article)
Stress and cortisol (Films for Action 4 min. video)
Memories can be inherited (Science Alert article)
Epigenetic effect lasts generations (Science Alert article)

Parasitic Effects on Behaviour:
Toxoplasmosis (National Center for Biotechnology Information study)
Effects on monkeys (IFL Science article)
Toxoplasmosis can provoke road rage (Discovery article)
Immune system affects behaviour (Science Alert article)

Sociology: Conflict Theory, Functionalism and Technological Change

Dangers of the Internet (School of Life short article and 7 min. video)
As Technology gets Better (New Yorker article)
FB and Google data mining (Adam Ruins Everything)
Your brain is not a computer (Epstein Aeon article) 
The Shallows: What the internet's doing to our brain (Snyder book summary)
Domination through victimhood at colleges 
Effects of Texting on groups (4 min video)
Learning to Wait (article)

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